University of Southampton – WPSM - Your Drawing Class

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw? Maybe you put your pencil and paper down years ago. Maybe you’ve never so much as doodled. Whatever your experience of drawing, we want to invite you to take part in a series of upbeat drawing classes, designed for beginners as well as seasoned sketchers.


Drawing Animals – The Farm, the Wild and the Domestic

Come and join us for a series of creative drawing sessions. Your teacher Jan will support you in mastering the composition of animals, creating texture and applying pattern.

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Monday 10th May – 1pm & 6:30pm

Drawing Farm Animals – Simplifying Shapes & CompositionDownload the reference images

In this session you’ll be learning to draw farm animals. Your teacher Jan will show you how to simplify shapes and compose your drawings in simple but highly effective ways.


Monday 17th May – 1pm & 6:30pm

Drawing Wild Animals – Using Negative Space & Applying PatternDownload the reference images

This class will teach you the principles negative space. You’ll be focussing on using the space in between objects to compose your drawings and applying pattern to a giraffe and a zebra.


Monday 24th May – 1pm & 6:30pm

Drawing Domestic Animals – Composition & Creating TextureDownload the reference images

In this session you will be learning to draw domestic animals. Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, you’re catered for in this class. You will explore composition and the importance of creating texture in your work.


You will need

  • Paper
  • Pencil – preferably 2B or softer (i.e. 3,4,5,6,7, or 8B). The darker the line the better!
  • Biro
  • Rubber


At the end of each class, email us a photo of your favourite drawing for a chance to win a hamper of art supplies! Send your drawings to: k.wilson@theartmovement.co.uk