The TS&W Photography Competition


Welcome to the Tilney Smith and Williamson photography competition, open to all colleagues. Phased business moves into our new headquarters – 45 Gresham Street – are now complete. This is a big moment for our business and we wanted to mark the occasion by giving everyone a chance to leave their creative stamp on the office – and win some pretty decent prizes along the way!

Whether your photography skills stop with your smartphone, or you can’t leave the house without your top of the range camera – phone and camera submissions will be given equal credence. We’ve chosen four categories which are unique to our business and give you a chance to be creative.

To kick things off, our friends at The Art Movement, who are helping us run the competition, will be hosting a one-hour photography tutorial which should help inspire entries and cover some interesting technical elements of photography. This is just a bonus part of the competition, you can of course still enter if you can’t make the webinar!


Thursday 19th May


The Competition

We’re challenging you to capture an image embodying what sets our company aside from the rest – our Purpose and Values:

Personal: We treat you as an individual

Partnership: We go further together

Performance: We strive for more

‘Placing the power of good advice into more hands’

Applicants may submit photos taken with any type of photography equipment including a smart phone. 16 photographers will be selected, limited to one winning photograph per entrant, regardless of number of categories entered.


Prizes & Judging

Our guest judge is none other than renowned British photographer Hugo Rittson-Thomas. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hugo’s work, he is well known for his portraits of The Queen, Dali Lama and David Cameron to name a few.

A shortlist of 16 entries (four from each category) will be judged by Hugo down to four category winners, which will then be ranked as overall first, second, third and fourth places.

First place: Digital SLR camera

Second place: Photography tuition

Third place: Camera phone accessories

Fourth place: Camera phone accessories

All shortlisted photographers will receive a professionally framed print delivered to your home address, and have your photograph displayed at 45 Gresham Street. We’ll also share a gallery with all colleagues as part of the competition results wrap-up.

Our Guest Judge

Hugo Rittson-Thomas



Personal – We treat you as an individual

Inspiration for this category

Three behaviours underpinning Personal:

    • We take time to listen to and understand peoples individual needs
    • We treat everyone fairly and with respect
    • We are honest and genuine

We’re all individuals. Show us the world through your eyes. Is there a landscape that’s close to your heart? Do you have an interesting hobby? Share your interests and passions with us and show us the real you.

Hobbies  |  Passions  |  Places you love

Partnership – We go further together

Inspiration for this category

Three behaviours underpinning Partnership:

    • We build lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships
    • We value everyone’s contributions
    • We partner across the full breadth of our expertise to create shared value

This category is all about connection. Showcase your relationships, whether it’s a special friendship, a family member or your pet, we want to understand who’s important to you?

Pets  |  People  |  Friendship

(Please remember that unfortunately photographs of children are not permitted)

Performance – We strive for more

Inspiration for this category

Three behaviours underpinning Performance:

    • We are ambitious for our clients and act with their interests in mind
    • We deliver on our promises and deliver excellence at pace
    • We lead the way and embrace new ways of working

Are there any feats of performance that you want to showcase? Do you love architecture or are you a lover of motorsport? Perhaps you’re inspired by human performance or exceptional technology? Show us images of feats of performance.

Architecture  |  Sports  |  Technology

Placing the power of good advice into more hands

Inspiration for this category

Our mission is ‘to place the power of good advice into more hands’. We’re committed to giving more people and businesses access to good advice, regardless of their wealth or the size of their company.

This category is all about inspiring others. Show us thought-provoking images that inspire, tell a story or evoke emotion. Perhaps you visited a sacred place or you’ve taken a photograph of a special moment? Maybe you’ve created a beautiful abstract photograph? Share your artistic and story telling talents in this category.

Inspiring & thought provoking  |  Abstract  |  Creative


To enter the competition…

Send your images to:

Attach only one image per email, along with the details as listed below:

    • Maximum file size: 10MB
    • Format: JPEG
    • File name: Your name followed by image number, eg. JBloggs1 or JoeBloggs1
    • Please send one image file per email
    • Please use a company email address to enter
    • Maximum number of submissions: Five photographs across any categories
    • Closing date: Midnight on Monday 6th June

What to include in each submission email:

    • Full name
    • Email address (please ensure this is a company email address)
    • Title of photograph
    • Category
    • Smartphone or Camera

Additional Information

We are not setting any rules on the resolution of the submissions. We will ask the winners for the highest resolution images they have before printing, so you may email a lower resolution for judging if you wish.  Please also beware that low resolution may limit the size that may be printed.  You may optimise your image, or manipulate it as you wish, but the judgment will be made on the photography.

Please remember that the images will be displayed in our offices, so please make sure that the content is appropriate. Please do not include images of children.

The competition will be judged by an art committee and photographer Hugo Rittson-Thomas. The entries will be judged for their artistic and technical merit. 


Outline terms

Eligibility: The competition is open to TS&W colleagues. Each entrant may submit up to five images in total, regardless of category.

Each entrant will be limited to one winning photograph regardless of number of categories entered.

Entrants may use smartphones or other camera equipment (but must state which in their application email)

The final date for submissions is midnight on Monday 6th June 2022 and the winners will be contacted a few weeks later.

Entrants names and email addresses will be collected by The Art Movement Ltd and deleted within six months of completion of the competition.


By entering the competition each entrant confirms:

That they took the photograph and carried out any processing work themselves. Entrants confirm that they own the copyright and are not infringing any other rights over the image. Copyright and all Intellectual Rights of each image will remain with the entrant. They give permission to The Art Movement Ltd and their employer to display the image online and in print and to otherwise reproduce the image for promotional purposes.

That they have the permission of any person on the image to exhibit the photograph.

The decisions of the judges is final.