Metaswitch - Your Watercolour Class

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint? This introduction to watercolour painting is a great first step for beginners and a fantastic opportunity to develop any existing skills. Learn to use watercolour paints in a safe learning environment with artist, illustrator, and teacher Jan Moffitt.

Painting Landscapes– Water, Land & Sky


Come and join us for a series of creative watercolour painting sessions. Your teacher Jan will help you to capture the beauty of water, sky and the landscape with your watercolour paints.


Thursday 1st April – 6:30pm

Painting Water – Surfaces & Shine – Download the reference images

In this session you’ll look at how to paint water. From painting a drip of water to a pond through the sea, your teacher Jan will teach you to create shape and surface texture as well as capturing reflection and shine.


Thursday 8th April – 6:30pm

Painting the Sky – Skies & Silhouettes – Download the reference images

This class will explore the differences between painting on wet and dry paper. Jan will help you to create different sorts of skies and you will also look at composing silhouettes within your skyscapes.


Thursday 15th April – 6:30pm

Painting Landscapes – Hills & Valleys – Download the reference images

In this session you will be painting hills and valleys. Jan will teach you how to compose your painting and successfully create the feeling of distance in the landscape.


You will need:

  • Pencil (preferably 2B or softer)
  • Rubber
  • Black pen or biro
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Watercolour paints
  • Paint brush (round and approximately size 10)
  • Watercolour paper
  • White wax. This could be a white candle, tealight or a crayon (OPTIONAL)


If you don’t have some of the materials, we’ve given you enough time to get hold of what you need. Jan recommends the following as suggestions if you do need to top up on materials. By all means use any other provider!

Watercolour paints , Brush (round size 10) and Watercolour paper


At the end of each class, email us a photo of your favourite drawing for a chance to win a hamper of art supplies! Send your drawings to: