Changing Art Exhibitions


Are the paintings original?

Yes the paintings are all original works of art


What size are the paintings?

The paintings range from 70 x 70cm to 100 x 100cm


What hanging mechanism is used?

We use an adjustable hanging system that allows your artwork to be moved up and down the wall, whilst also being easy to remove without any need to redecorate.


How often is the art rotated?

The office art exhibitions are rotated every two months


How do we find our artists?

Our experienced scouts visit degree shows, art fairs and artist studios to find talented, promising early to mid-career artists. We also receive a lot of submissions from artists wishing to be a part of our catalogue.


I’m not sure if my office space is suitable. Can you come to have a look?

Absolutely. We are able to visit your office (with PPE) and can also offer remote consultations on a video call if you prefer.


Can you help me to promote the office art exhibitions?

We want you to get the maximum impact from your office art exhibitions. We will provide you with tailored communications to use internally and externally, every time you exhibit the work of a new artist.


Who insures the artwork?

Little Van Gogh provides insurance for your artwork. You do not need to make any adjustments to your building or contents insurance.


What happens if someone wants to buy a painting?

Little Van Gogh will look after the entire process. A buyer simply gets in touch and we look after payment, collection and delivery of the artwork as well as the replacement of the sold piece.


Can we choose which artists to exhibit?

You can have as much or as little to do with the selection of the art for your office as you wish. You can build a wish list of artists that will be prioritised to your office.


Graduate Art Programmes


Which art schools do you work with?

We work alongside a number of art schools including the Glasgow School of Art, Bournemouth Arts University and Manchester School of Art. We are always expanding our connection with art schools and will work to support any art school desired.


When do graduate shows usually take place?

The exact dates of graduate shows vary however, typically degree shows take place through the summer months of June and July.


I’m not sure if my office space is suitable. Can you come to have a look?

Absolutely. We will visit your office (wearing PPE) and be able to advise on the best ways to make use of the space.


Who installs the artwork?

We have our own inhouse installation team and can also work with outsourced art technicians.


Who insures the artwork?

The Art Movement can arrange insurance, or you can use your own.


Sculpture in the Workplace


I’m not sure if my office space is suitable. Can you come to have a look?

Absolutely. We will visit your office (wearing PPE) and be able to advise on the best ways to make use of the space.


Do you offer consultations?

Yes we do. After an initial visit and discussion, we can provide you with an art rental proposal at no cost.


Does The Art Movement provide plinths?

We will always provide plinths for sculptures that require it.


Who installs the sculpture?

Our team of art technicians will look after all delivery and installation of the office art


What are the minimum / maximum art rental terms?

Sculpture art rental is usually a one year term after which the art work can be rotated for something new


Is there a minimum / maximum sculpture size?

There are no limits on dimensions. Sculptures will be selected based on their suitability for the office space


Do you have a sculpture catalogue?

Having discussed your needs with you, we will send you a proposal that will include images of suitable sculpture available for art rental.


Who insures the artwork?

Insurance is provided by The Art Movement and there is no need to make changes to your existing buildings or contents policy.


Employee Wellbeing Activities


What activities have you run in the past?

We have run all sorts of employee engagement activities including remote drawing classes, painting, photography and group art making.


Are your activities available to all employees?

Absolutely. Anyone can join. If you have employees with specific needs, these can be discussed ahead of your session.


Who judges the photography competitions?

If you are running a photography competition, The Art Movement can judge the results. If you prefer, we can arrange a staff vote or you can have someone from the Art Movement sit on your committee and support with your own internal judging.


Can The Art Movement help me promote the activities?

Yes, The Art Movement will provide you all the internal communications you need to make your activity a success.


Will The Art Movement manage the whole process?

Absolutely. A dedicated private page will be set up on our website for your employees and we will also take care of employee registration, answer questions, send reminders and any relevant links.


Art Consultancy and Commissions


Can The Art Movement arrange framing?

Yes we can. We work with some of the best framers in the business.


Do you offer consultations and office visits?

Absolutely. We will visit your office (wearing PPE) and be able to advise on the best ways to make use of the space.


Can you help me create an artwork that incorporates my company values/branding?

Yes we can. Our art consultants will meet with you to distil your values into a concept for an artwork. The artwork can either be sourced or commissioned, depending on your needs.


Collection Management and Art Storage


Is the storage facility secure?

Our storage facility is fully alarmed, remote monitored (CCTV), shuttered and protected by a steel, security door.


Is the storage facility climate controlled?

Yes, the facility is both temperature and humidity controlled.


Do The Art Movement provide cataloguing and valuing services?

We provide a full cataloguing service, including high resolution imagery and both a digital and private, password online catalogue. We work alongside specialist appraisers for valuations.


Can The Art Movement arrange transportation of the artwork?

We can arrange for the transportation of artwork globally.


Is there a minimum storage term and can I get a quote?

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.


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