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Online Art Classes for Teams


How can I buy just one activity?

We sell our classes in blocks of three. You can choose your activity, such as drawing and buy a block of three classes – one class per week for three weeks according to our schedule.


How long is one class?

Each of our classes is one hour long.


How do we join the classes?

Classes are accessed online via Zoom.


Do you provide materials?

We do not provide materials but we do provide a list of what you will need.


How much experience do we need to take part?

You don’t need any experience to take part in any of our classes. All levels are welcome.


Do I have to interact in the session?

Interaction is not necessary during the sessions. It’s up to you whether you have your camera on or off. Often participants are given an opportunity to show their work to the camera at the end of the class but it’s entirely up to you whether you want to or not.


Are the sessions recorded?

The sessions are recorded, so you can recap or catch up if you miss a class. You will have access to a recording of each session the day after the session has taken place. Our classes are scheduled in blocks of three sessions (once per week for three weeks). You will have access to all three recordings for seven days after the last class.


Am I being recorded during the session?

You are not personally being recorded during the session. Only the main screen is being recorded and no participants are ever put on this screen.


Will my group be in a class with other people?

Your group will be in a class with other people, though you don’t need to interact with any of the other participants.


With Premium Membership, how will my team find out about available activities?

Your team will have access to the Premium Member Area, where our full schedule is published. They will be able to find information about upcoming classes and register for links to join their chosen sessions. They will receive updates on upcoming classes by email and receive reminders for classes they have registered for.


What is the Premium Member Library?

This is an area full of short videos made exclusively to support our Premium Members in their learning. Videos are uploaded regularly and deep dive into what is being taught in your classes.


How does your rotating activities schedule work?

We rotate between five different activities (drawing, watercolour, mindful drawing, yoga and photography). Our schedule is fixed to three classes per week and we alternate between activities. Not all activities are available every month but if you check the schedule, you’ll see exactly what’s on.


Can I buy multiple activities?

You can purchase more than one single activity (eg. buying a block of drawing classes plus a block of photography classes), however you will need to make these purchases separately.


How do I allocate places to my group?

Once you have made your purchase, go to My Account and click on Subscriptions and then ‘Sub Accounts’. Here you can add your team’s names and emails to the account or you can copy a link to send them so that they can sign themselves up directly. Once they have signed up, they can access the class page and register for a Zoom link to join the class.


Do you offer classes exclusive to one company?

We do offer private sessions to companies looking for one off events or ongoing tuition for their teams. Contact us on 023 8063 4875 or at info@theartmovement.co.uk to learn more.

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