Photography Competition


Why Now?

We, like so many other people have been feeling isolated. So, we are coming together to celebrate creativity by launching the CONNECTED Photography Competition. Life has changed a lot and we want to know how people are feeling and what they are living during this strange period in time. Creativity has the power to enhance well-being and improve our mental health and we hope that in a small way, CONNECTED can help to improve people’s lives and open a creative window onto this new world.

Who Can Take Part?

The Art Movement is the parent company of Little Van Gogh UK. Any employee of a Little Van Gogh Patron Company can take part as can any employees of companies that collaborate with The Art Movement on artist support programmes. If you have been invited to take part, this means that your company is part of our passionate patron network and supports and promotes emerging artists. Whether taking photos is new to you or a regular activity, whether you use a smartphone or camera, filters or Photoshop we want to hear from you.

Lock down has been a strange and mixed experience for many of us. We have felt disconnected, detached and isolated whilst simultaneously feeling it has been an opportunity to reboot and smell the roses.

Creativity has the power to enhance well-being and improve our mental health. We launched the CONNECTED Photography Competition in order to celebrate creativity and capture personal insights into this unprecedented period in time.

We received almost four hundred entries to the competition and the selection of one winner was incredibly tough. There were a number of stand-out photographs show casing skilled photography, creative composition, narrative and a wonderful blend of beauty and humour.

After much deliberation…

We are delighted to announce…

That the winner of the CONNECTED Photography Competition is…


Congratulations to Chris Burchill for his breath-taking photograph of one of his only visitors during lock down.

Chris Burchill ‘A Persistent Visitor During Lock Down’

We caught up with Chris who shared his experience of the photography competition with us.


I actually preferred my other entry! The wildlife that visits my garden has been my main company since March, so Oscar the robin seemed like a fitting subject. I also thought it was a nice reminder that beauty can always be found in nature.


I live on my own, so it has gotten quite lonely at times. It is great that we have all this technology and social media that allows us to interact with family and friends (I can’t imagine what lock down would have been like without smartphones etc), but it doesn’t come close to replacing real human interaction. Working from home has also been a challenge as it can be harder to switch off and quite easy to end up end up working longer due to the blurred boundaries between work and home. Ending on a more positive note, the lack of social engagements has forced me to slow down. This has been quite refreshing and I’ve enjoyed taking time to focus the smaller, simple things like reading a book, sitting in the garden, going for a walk or taking photos.


The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, which is our office charity. They do some great work, which I appreciate as somebody who had issues with my eyes as a young child. We also got to meet some of the dogs last year and they are awesome.