The Impressionists – Painting Monet


In these series of Painting in Acrylic you’ll delve into the impressionist art of Monet. Your teacher will support you in developing knowledge of the artist through close study of his works. You’ll learn to mix colour and layer the paint to create visual effects. This session will help you in developing an impressionistic style, through loose, bold brush strokes. This creative series is suitable for all abilities.

Thursday 24th February – 6:30pm – 7:30pm UK Time

Houses of Parliament – Mixing & Layering Download the reference images

In this session you’ll learn to mix acrylic paint and develop visual effects through layering. Your teacher will support you in paint application to portray texture and depth in your impressionistic landscape painting.


Thursday 3rd March – 6:30pm – 7:30pm UK Time

Poplars – Nature & Mirage Download the reference images

This lesson your teacher will show you how to portray light and texture in your work.  You’ll be guide through different brush stroke techniques which will help you in creating a mirage of the dynamic natural environment on flat canvas.


Thursday 10th March – 6:30pm – 7:30pm UK Time

Water Lilies – Reflections & Depth – Download the reference images

This class will explore a variety of reflections mirrored and distorted by water. You’ll learn how to create a sense of depth in your work and depict water lilies floating on the surface.


At the end of each class, email us a photo of your favourite painting for a chance to win some new art supplies! Send your photos to:

You will need:

  • Acrylics Paints (including red, yellow, blue and white)
  • Paint Brushes (1 small / 1 medium / 1 large)
  • Stretched Canvas or Board (approximately 12’ x 16’ / 30.5 x 41cm)
  • Pot of Water
  • Tissue Paper


Community Art Gallery

Thank you to everyone for sharing your art from the session.