Learning to Paint in Watercolour

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint? This introduction to watercolour painting is a great first step for beginners and also a fantastic opportunity to develop any existing skills. Learn to use watercolour paints in a safe learning environment with artist, illustrator and teacher Jan Moffitt.


Exploring Textures – Shadow & Pattern

Create a stunning watercolour painting in this explorational series. You will explore colours and patterns, work into the details with pencil and biro to develop depth and texture in your work.  Your teacher will support you in a friendly and creative environment. These classes are open to all – beginners through to practicing painters.

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Thursday 19th May – 6:30pm – 7:30pm UK Time

Satin Wave – Lights & Shadows Download the reference images

Taking inspiration from exquisite materials, this class will focus on the exploration of colour and shadow patterns. Your teacher will support you as you build texture and realism in your work. You’ll learn how to depict delicate, silky materials, as well as learning how to achieve depth within your painting.


Thursday 26th May – 6:30pm – 7:30pm UK Time

Animal Textures – Pattern & Detail Download the reference images

In this class you will observe the exotic skin of an elephant, as well as the fur of a gorgeous canine friend. Aimed at exploring details, you will need a pencil and biro for this session, as your teacher will introduce you to techniques that will help you to develop depth and add creative effects to bring life and detail to your painting.


Thursday 9th June – 6:30pm – 7:30pm UK Time

Crisp Edges – Line & Shadow Download the reference images

In this session you’ll learn how to portray depth and solidity in your work. You’ll explore form and perspective whilst painting a series of paper arrangements to achieve a real sense of three-dimensionality within your watercolour paintings.

You will need:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black pen or biro
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Watercolour paints
  • Paint brush
  • Watercolour paper


At the end of each class, email us a photo of your favourite paintings so we can add them to the online gallery! Send your images to:



Thursday 12th May – Beet & Root Veg: Colour & Composition

Thursday 5th May – Ginger-Chilli-Lime: Texture & Solidity

Thursday 28th April – Fruit & Nut: Form & Shadow

Thursday 21st April – Short Stays: Nature & Distance

Thursday 14th April – Country Life: Textures & Countryside

Thursday 7th April – In The City: Reflection & Structure

Thursday 31st March – Purples: Form & Composition

Thursday 24th March – Blues: Layering & Intensity

Thursday 17th March – Browns: Tone & Texture

Thursday 17th February – Flower Pots: Texture & Solidity

Thursday 10th February – Painting Leaves: Overlap & Shadow

Thursday 3rd February – Vivid Flowers: Form & Texture

Thursday 27th January – Back to Nature: Leaves & Flowers

Thursday 20th January – Sand Patterns: Zen gardens & Fluid Lines

Thursday 13th January – Making Mandalas: Painting & Patterns

Thursday 2nd December – Creative Creatures: Texture & Colour

Thursday 25th November – Bright Birds: Bold Colour & Movement

Thursday 18th November – Fantastic Fish: Flowing Strokes & Contrast

Thursday 21st October – Holding Objects: Positioning and Detail

Thursday 14th October – Behind the Scenes: Human figures from the back

Thursday 7th October – Reflective Figures: Composition & Reflection

Thursday 30th September – Painting Fungi: Pattern & Form

Thursday 23rd September – Painting Fruit Trees: Contrast & Shape

Thursday 16th September – Painting Florals: Brightness & Colour

Thursday 19th August – Refreshers: Composition & Shine

Thursday 12th August – Vibrant Fruit: Colour & Pattern

Thursday 5th August – Summer Drinks: Form & Cylindrical Shapes

Thursday 29th July – Painting Sea Creatures: Contrast & Texture

Thursday 22nd July – Painting Insects: Blending & Shine

Thursday 15th July – Painting Birds: Colour & Surfaces

Thursday 8th July – Bright Buildings: Colour & Form

Thursday 1st July – Looking Through: Framing & Perspective

Thursday 24th June – Painting Hills: Form & Distance

Thursday 17th June – Painting Food: Composition & Texture 

Thursday 10th June – Painting Fruit: Colour & Shape

Thursday 3rd June – Painting Vegetables: Creating Form & Shine

Thursday 6th May – Colour Blending: Smooth Blends of Colour

Thursday 29th April – Colour Complementary: Complementary Colours

Thursday 22nd April – Colour Palette: Overlaying Colour & Paint Vibrancy

Thursday 15th April – Painting Landscapes: Hills & Valleys

Thursday 8th April – Painting the Sky: Skies & Silhouettes

Thursday 1st April – Painting Water: Surfaces & Shine

Thursday 4th March – Jars and Containers: Reflection and Proportions

Thursday 25th February – Tea time: Colour and Perspective

Thursday 18th February – For the Love of Veg: Texture and Form

Thursday 11th February – Spring Flowers: Colour and Perspective

Thursday 4th February 2021 – Trees and Logs: Pattern and Texture

Thursday 28th January 2021 – The Animal Kingdom: Colour Blending and Contrast

Thursday 17th December – Party Time: Prosecco, Balloons & Gifts

Thursday 10th December – Tooty Fruity: Slicing Fruit & Painting Pineapples

Thursday 3rd December – Under the Sea: Fish, Jellyfish & Turtles

Thursday 26th November – Quality Street, Baubles and Sprouts: Basic Shapes, Roundness and Shiny Surfaces

Thursday 19th November – Robins, Penguins and Chickens: Texture and Simple Shapes

Thursday 12th November – Simple Trees & Holly with Berries: Colour & Form