Learning to Draw

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw? Maybe you put your pencil and paper down years ago. Maybe you’ve never so much as doodled. Whatever your experience of drawing, we want to invite you to take part in a series of upbeat drawing classes, designed for beginners as well as seasoned sketchers.

Join us for an hour of creativity once a week to put pencil to paper in a supportive environment.



Join us for a series of creative drawing sessions. This series is all about conveying movement and energy in your drawing. You’ll tackle a wide range of subjects from vehicles to athletes with a primary focus on capturing a sense of movement in your work.

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Monday 28th June – 6:30pm (GMT)

Animals in Motion – Positioning & Movement Download the reference images

In this session you’ll be learning how to put bounce into your subjects’ step. Your teacher Jan will teach you to compose drawings of a running ostrich, jumping monkey and leaping dog and you will learn to inject a sense of movement into each piece.


Monday 5th July – 6:30pm (GMT)

Moving Vehicles – Perspective & Blur Download the reference images

In this session you’ll learning how to convey the rapid movement of vehicles. From trains to race cars, you will explore blurring detail and the importance of perspective.


Monday 12th July– 6:30pm (GMT)

People in Action – Shapes & Tension Download the reference images

This class will teach you the key principles of figure drawing whilst focussing on creating tension in the body. You’ll be focussing on strong shapes and diving deeper into the use of negative space.


You will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil – preferably 2B or softer (i.e., 3,4,5,6,7, or 8B). The darker the line the better!
  • Biro
  • Rubber


Monday 21st June – 1pm and 6.30pm

Drawing Above the Waves – Movement & EnergyDownload the reference images

This class will teach you the key principles of creating convincing movement in your work. You’ll be focussing on portraying energy and diving deeper into composition and positioning.


At the end of each class, email us a photo of your favourite drawing for a chance to win a hamper of art supplies! Send your drawings to:

Click the button below to view all the incredible drawings you have sent in!



Monday 14th June – Drawing Under the Sea: Flowing Lines & Negative Space

Monday 7th June – Drawing the Seashore: Structure & Form

Monday 24th May – Drawing Domestic Animals: Composition & Creating Texture

Monday 17th May – Drawing Wild Animals: Using Negative Space & Applying Pattern

Monday 10th May – Drawing Farm Animals: Simplifying Shapes & Composition

Monday 3rd May- Drawing Pattern in 3D: Contour Lines & Direction

Monday 26th April – Drawing Cuboids: Perspective & Shading

Monday 19th April – Drawing Spheres: Rounded Shapes & Form

Monday 12th April – Drawing Seeds & Pods: Texture & Shading

Monday 5th April – Drawing Trees: Learning to Shade

Monday 29th March – Drawing Cacti & Succulents: Shadow, Shapes & Pattern

Monday 22nd March – Drawing Front & Three Quarter Facing Portraits: Comparing Front on and Three Quarter Faces

Monday 15th March – Drawing Eyes & Three-Quarter Facing Portraits: Contrast & Comparison

Monday 8th March – Drawing Front Facing Portraits: Shadow & Texture

Monday 1st March – Drawing Insects: Proportions and Mark Making

Monday 22nd February – Drawing Reptiles: Negative Space and Contrast

Monday 15th February – Drawing Mammals: Texture and Composition

Monday 8th February 2021 – Drawing Hands: Simple Line and Shape

Monday 1st February 2021 – Figure Drawing: Negative Space and Line Weight

Monday 25th  January 2021 – Portraits: Composition and Shape Building

Monday 18th  January 2021: Slicing fruit: Loose Drawing & Tone

Monday 11th  January 2021 – Figure drawing: Breaking Down the Figure

Monday 4th  January 2021 – Drawing Water: Highlights & Fluidity

Monday 21st December 2020 – Your Festive Drawing Class

Monday 14th December – Let’s Get Festive: Gifts, Quality Streets and Mince Pies

Monday 7th December – Musical Instruments: Guitars, Pianos and Saxophones

Monday 30th November – Animals: The Hare, the Kangaroo and the Stag

Monday 23rd November – Holly, Berries & Fir trees: Contrast and Shape

Monday 16th November – Hands: Simplifying a Tricky Subject

Monday 9th November – Birds & Feathers: Texture and Pattern

Monday 2nd November – Perspective in Buildings and elements of architecture

Monday 26th October – Pumpkins and Autumn Leaves: Shading and line direction

Monday 19th October – Peppers and Chillies: Lines weights and negative space

Monday 12th October – Fir Cones and Sunflowers: Simple is Best

Monday 5th October – Stones and All-Sorts: Shadow and Line Direction

Monday 28th September – Animals: Simple Shape and Texture

Monday 21st September – The Gallery: Perspective and working in cubes

Monday 14th September – Bottles and glasses: Ellipses and line weight

Monday 7th September – Drawing Fruit: Negative space and line direction