Chaucer Group’s new sculpture exhibition showcases the exciting and 

thought provoking work of Beccy Mccray

Home is a touring installation artwork, originally commissioned by 6 The Green for Coastal Currents, the South East’s largest visual arts festival. Inspired by 6 The Green’s past and present, these psychedelic, human-sized termite totems explore the notion of what we mean by ‘home’, commenting on the evolution of living spaces and celebrating the building’s previous elderly residents.

‘Home’ by Becky Mccray

Becky Mccray explores playful, socially-engaged art and design using whatever media necessary to create human moments and imaginative acts of resistance. She seeks to break down boundaries between art, activism and everyday life.

Responding to the idea of relationships and ecologies, Mccray’s work traverses intersectional climate and nature storytelling. People, place and participation lie at the heart of her practice and she acts as both curator and collaborator; creating frameworks within which unexpected events can occur, often resulting in interventions and installations.

Mccray has partnered with diverse groups, from older people with dementia, to young people with complex needs, and moradores da favela during her residency in Brazil. For more than a decade she has been working to inspire positive change at grass roots level, helping to create a more joyful and just future for both people and planet.