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Great art and impactful design can transform the way we feel and behave, especially in the workplace. We explore how art makes an impact and how design effects working lives.

Art Choices

The benefits of art in the workplace are varied and beautiful. Increased creativity. Increased productivity. Increased engagement. But slapping any old landscape onto the wall isn’t the answer…


10 ways to engage employees using your office art

Are you making the most of the art in your workplace? Art plays a significant role in enhancing wellbeing, reaching far beyond the aesthetic to lower cortisol levels, instil pride in ones workplace and ultimately contribute to…


Art: Facilitating Workplace Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity in recent years, with courses now being taught in workplaces and schools. Aside from the numerous health benefits a more mindful way of life brings, there is evidence…


How to use Art to Hire the Right People

We hear all the time that “our people are our best assets” or to take it a step further the right people certainly are. In a competitive world we have to work harder and harder to understand who those people are, attract them and…


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Featured artwork on this page – Top image; artist Sam Henning.