Mindful Drawing


2 – 3pm | Monday 13th September


Looking for a creative release? Join us for an hour of Mindful Drawing together. This session is the perfect way to break up your day, combining drawing and breathing to absorb you in the present moment. Your teacher will support you in centring yourself and exploring the creation of mandalas and pattern making in a safe and friendly space. You don’t need any experience to take part in these sessions and they are ideal for anyone looking for an opportunity to develop a calmer, more present frame of mind.

Taking the time to engage in an hour of creativity has been shown to decrease cortisol levels and can leave you in a more relaxed state. It’s also a powerful memory booster, an effective reset and this session is a great way to enhance your confidence in your creative abilities.

Send us pictures of your favourite drawings from the session. Your name will be included in a raffle and you’ll have a chance to win a sketching set of quality pencils and accessories!

Send your images to: k.wilson@theartmovement.co.uk

Aon Community Art Gallery

Thank you to everyone for sharing your art from the session.