10 ways to engage employees using your office art

Are you making the most of the art in your workplace? Art plays a significant role in enhancing wellbeing, reaching far beyond the aesthetic to lower cortisol levels, instil pride in ones workplace and ultimately contribute to a more productive team. Don’t let your art be a missed opportunity to engage employees. We tackle 10 ways to maximise the positive impact that office art has on employees.


1. Switch the art regularly

A simple way to keep the art in your office engaging is to move it around the office regularly. Switch pieces over every few months and rest assured that people will take notice, see it in a new light and talk about it.


2. Give employees a say

80% of decisions relating to art in the workplace are made my senior management. Invite employees to select the art displayed in their spaces- it’s a small gesture that goes a long way.


3. Reflecting sponsorship

If your company is involved in the arts through corporate sponsorship, ensure you have art in employee spaces. It will give you a hook into your art programmes and help to make art accessible to everyone in the company.


4. Promote mindfulness

Invite employees to choose a piece of art to look at continuously for 5- 10 minutes. This promotes mindfulness and lowers cortisol levels, providing a short burst of respite from day to day activities.


5. Create an art club

Encourage employees to come together in celebration of art. It could be a monthly meet up at a gallery or a page on your intranet dedicated to the topic.


6. Meet an artist

Invite an artist to come in and talk about their work. Discovering the stories and processes behind a work of art can be revealing and inspiring, prompting discussion and intrigue.


7. Artists in your midst

You may not know it but there are artists in your midst. Whatever the job title, whatever the sector many people have creative projects outside work. Invite those who make art in their spare time to share it with colleagues on Yammer or your intranet.


8. Don’t miss out

If art is only displayed in client facing spaces, it’s possible that not all employees will see it. Create opportunities for employees who don’t work in client areas to visit the space and experience the art for themselves.


9. Art Vote

Arrange for employees to vote on their favourite piece of art. The winning piece could be awarded to a deserving employee or given pride of place in the office.


10. Creative Competition

Encourage employees to get creative by setting aside some wall space for an art or photography competition. This can be a great way to recognise employees’ creative talent at the same time as enhancing your workplace.